Masters Message February 2019

Greeting My Brothers:

We ended January with the conferral of the Fellowcraft Degree on five candidates. Congratulations are in order to the officers and especially our Senior Deacon, Josh Irizarry, whose Middle Chamber lecture was impressive. Kudos to you, brother Senior Deacon. Congratulations are also in order to Don Williamson, a past master of St Johns, who was elected for a second time as Potentate of the R.I. Shriners for 2019.

February the officers will be rehearsing for the Master Mason degree to be conferred on March 20th. Also in February, Gaspee Chapter of DeMolay, whom the St. Johns sponsors, will be visiting the lodge again and will be opening their Chapter within a recessed lodge of Master Masons. They will conduct their chapter business and then Jr. Past State Master Councilor Armando Barragan will be presenting the Flower Talk for our members. Please come and show your support for our Brethren in DeMolay.

May Brotherly Love,

Richard Gonzalez
Worshipful Master