Masters Message November 2014

My Brothers,

As the air turns cooler, the work in the quarry heats up. Nine candidates completed the EA Degree in October. We conducted the Degree over two nights; four on the 8th and five on the 15th. Everything went well; a fine job by the officers. We’ll have a speaking program in November and proceed to the Fellow Craft Degree in December.

Speaking of December, our annual Christmas basket program is coming up soon. If you know of a family who could use some help this season, contact Ed McDonald at 401-575-8206 (cell, preferred) or 401-738-2440 (home) to get your name on the list. The list will be limited so get your request in early. On December 20th, we’ll be packing the boxes and distributing them. We’ll need all the help we can get. It’s a great opportunity, not only for the fellowship, but to show what we’re all about as Masons: helping others.

On October 18th, St. Johns was a very generous sponsor of the 5th Annual “10K By the Bay” race to benefit the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Rhode Island (Scottish Rite’s favorite charity). The race started and ended at the Masonic/Shrine Family Center in Buttonwoods. Several members of our Masonic family were on hand, including several from St. Johns, to staff the event. The event was a success as well a great fellowship.

The next day, October 19th, was our annual Special Ladies Luncheon. If you are not familiar with this tradition, it’s our way of paying respect to the ladies of our fallen Brothers. We have not forgotten the sacrifices they made when their husbands were with us. Just as our ladies make sacrifices to allow us to do what we do! The Master and a few top officers as well as the Grand Master and DDGM showed our Special Ladies how much we appreciate them and how we will not forget them.

St. Johns web site has been re-designed, so check out the new look at: . We plan on keeping you updated through the site with news, upcoming events, photos and stories of interest.

At our November meeting, the Warwick Assembly of Rainbow Girls will be in the lobby taking orders for holiday wreaths before our meeting. Please support our Masonic youth. The guest speaker for the evening will be local author Roberta Mudge Humble, Professor of English, Community College of Rhode Island and the topic is Rhode Island's Firsts, Bests, & Uniques. This presentation will explore some of the bests, firsts, and uniques of Rhode Island, including the uniqueness the author found in writing about the nation’s smallest state. A quiz will be given to see how much we already know. Participation is requested in routing out more superlatives and stories about Little Rhody. We will reminisce, learn, and gather sufficient ammunition to combat those confused out-of-staters who believe Rhode Island is a part of New York.

And, my Brothers, I leave you with this:

"The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can be known only by those who seek it, serve it, live it. It cannot be uttered; it can only be felt and acted. It is, in fact, an open secret, and each man knows it according to his quest and capacity. Like all things worth knowing, no one can know it for another and no man can know it alone."
Dr. Joseph Fort Newton


Yours in the Craft,