Masters Message May 2015

My Brothers,

April was a very busy month. The Grand Master’s testimonial was a celebration to honor M∴W∴Wyman P. Hallstrom, III and his outstanding year. Over 230 brothers and ladies were on hand to join in congratulations and well wishes. St. Johns Lodge was represented by 21 Brothers and in many cases their ladies. A fitting tribute to a great Grand Master and brother. Our congratulations also to R∴W∴Ron Reed, Grand Marshall for his work these many years, well done, brother. It was a truly spectacular evening.

The trip to Euclid Lodge was as always, an epic event. Twenty six brothers, including our own Grand Master traveled to the Trenton Masonic Temple, home of the New Jersey Grand Lodge. We were met by a similar number of Euclid Lodge brothers as well as their Grand Master, M∴W∴Gerald J. Sharpe. After a delicious lunch and fellowship, lodge was opened in one of the three lodge rooms; the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. We met in the Ionic. After opening, introductions were the first order of business followed by the exchanging of gifts and pins. Then those in the East were invited to say a few words, followed by many photos and yes, some selfies. After, a tour of the building was in order. The Doric and Ionic rooms are still used as Lodge rooms but the Corinthian is now the Museum of Masonic Culture. It is a massive collection of all things Masonic. All the concordant bodies are also represented in its archives. It’s an amazing collection!

This month we have 6 or 8 brothers who are ready to become honorary Rainbow Girls during this month’s program. The Warwick Assembly No. 15 has graciously agreed to put on this “Fun Degree” after dinner. It’s a great opportunity to not only join an “elite” body of Masons, but to show our support for our Masonic youth programs. St Johns Lodge sponsors not only the Warwick Assembly of Rainbow Girls but also the Gaspee Chapter of DeMolay for Boys, two excellent programs that deserve our nurturing.

Many of our brothers are sick or recovering from injuries. When you’re alone and isolated, the days can go on forever. A phone call or visit can make a brother’s day. Consult the “sick list” and reach out to a brother today.

And I leave you with this, my Brothers:
"The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can be known only by those who seek it, serve it, and live it. It cannot be uttered; it can only be felt and acted. It is, in fact, an open secret, and each man knows it according to his quest and capacity. Like all things worth knowing, no one can know it for another and no man can know it alone."
Dr. Joseph Fort Newton

Yours in the Craft,
Robert O’Brien
Worshipful Master