Masters Message June 2016

Greetings Brothers,

This is  my   final    Master’s Message.  So   much    time    has   passed, yet   so  little.     So  much    has   happened, so  much    accomplished.  Thank    you, Brothers, for   allowing me   the   opportunity to  serve    St.  Johns    #1P,   and   for giving me one of the best years of my life.  

May was   a  great    month     at  St.  Johns.  On   Saturday, May    14th we were    pleased to  host   48  brothers from    New    Jersey.  The   bi-annual visit to Rhode Island brought W:. M:. Carlos Martinez and the brothers from Euclid     Lodge     #136    along    with   a  large    contingency of  New    Jersey    Grand Lodge officers.  They    were    greeted at  Fort   Adams with    brotherhood, fellowship, food    and   drink.      After    a  very    satisfying lunch    and   libations, our  group  was  treated  to  a  presentation  about  Fort  Adams  by  Brother  Matthew “Doc”    Perry    and   a  tour   of  the   Fort   and   its  Master Mason marks. From    the   Fort   we   migrated to  Touro    Park   on  Bellevue Ave.    where    R:.W:. Brother Richard Lynch presented a presentation of the Newport Tower, captivating  and  educating  our  members  and  guests  with  mysteries,  histories, and legends and lore.  From the Newport Tower we proceeded to  St.  Paul’s    #14   where    we   held   a  Special Communication with   our   New Jersey    brethren.  Then    we   had   a  spectacular dinner, more    fellowship and libations, and sadly, wished Godspeed to our brothers as they departed back to New Jersey.  It was an amazing day.  

Many thanks     to  the   brothers of  St.  Johns,    Doc   Perry,    Rick    Lynch, and   W:.   M:.   Andrew Daigle and   W:.   Dave    Lavery of  St.   Paul’s    for   all  of the   effort    and   hard   work    put   in  to  make    the   day   a  resounding success.  I also   want    to  give   a  very    special thanks to  Anne    Mohrmann and   Lauren Fielding for their extraordinary efforts and work for this event.

On Wednesday, May    18th we had our monthly communication.  I  sat   in  the   East    so  proud    of  this   year’s     class    of  candidates.  Ten   of eleven of  our   class    of  new   Master Masons performed their    proficiency examination and   signed the   by-laws of  St.   Johns    #1   Providence.  We opened, closed and had a wonderful dinner, followed by a presentation by  Mr.  Robert  Greene  III,  owner  and  proprietor  or  Greenwich  Cove  Meadery.    His  presentation  was  informative  and  educational,  all  about  mead, agriculture, history and the current global crisis with honey bees. It was followed by a tasting.

In June,    our   regular communication on  the   15th will be awards night  followed  by  fellowship.    Please  come  and  support  the  brothers  receiving their awards.

If  you  have  applications  from  prospective  candidates,  please  bring    them    so  that   they    can   be   read    at  our   June    meeting. Please be prayerful of  those    on   our   sick   list   and   remember those    brothers who cannot make it to our communications.

Again, a  big   thank    you   to  the   Wardens, Officers and   Brethren of St.   Johns    #1  Providence for   an  exceptional year.     I  am   looking forward to  seeing     all  of  you   in  my   further travels     and   at  our   June    communication.

Yours in the Craft,

Timothy L. Culhane
Worshipful Master