Masters Message January 2017

Greetings Brothers,

This past month has been a busy one for St. Johns Lodge #1 Providence. We participated in the Metro District Charity Chili-Cook off event held at Jenks Lodge on December 4, 2016. While we did not win we had a great turn out for the event with over twelve different chilis to sample. Our annual Holiday  party  at  the  Shrine  Imperial  Room  was  held on December 9, 2016 with over one hundred twenty brothers and their guests in attendance. The food  was  well  prepared  with  many  compliments.  Music was performed by Bro. Castellone during the cocktail hour and a DJ continued until the end of the night with holiday music and then more pop sounds. On December 17, 2016 we held our annual holiday basket event. We  put  together  eighty  five  baskets  with  the  help  of  about  one hundred  volunteers.    Our  brothers  from  Daylight  Lodge  prepared  and served a breakfast for all those who attended.

Our  monthly  communication  was  held  jointly  with  Ezekiel  Bates Lodge of Attleboro, MA. Both lodges meet on the same night so dispensations were obtained from both the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and  Massachusetts.  St.  Johns  Lodge  #1  Providence  opened  and  closed  in due form receiving our District Deputy Grand Master for the Metro District, R∴W∴ Gary S. Kaufman. As part of R∴W∴ Kaufman’s suite was  the  R∴W∴  District  Deputy  Grand  Master  of  the  16th  Masonic  District  in  Massachusetts,  Christopher  J.  Lindsay.  During  the  business  portion  of  our  meeting  our  Grand  Master  of  Rhode  Island,  M∴W∴ Stephen T. McGuire entered. He was announced by his Grand Marshall, R∴W∴ Elliott R. Greene. Grand Honors were extended and the Grand Master had some brief remarks. After dinner we returned to a lodge room completely  different  from  our  usual  set  up.  Worshipful  Keith  Goblin  opened Ezekiel Bates Lodge in long form, receiving his District Deputy, R∴W∴ Christopher J. Lindsay, along with our Most Worshipful Grand Master  Stephen  T.  McGuire  and  District  Deputy  R∴W∴  Gary  S.  Kaufman.  The  purpose  of  the  joint  meeting  was  to  allow  the  brethren  of  both  states  to  observe  the  different  form  and  practices  of  each  state  lodge. Upn close of the meeting we all enjoyed collation and fellowship for the reminder of the evening.

This  month  at  our  communication  we  will  be  conducting  the  Fellowcraft  Degree  upon  our  candidates.  We  look  forward  to  providing our candidates this degree as they continue to move forward in  Freemasonry.  Also  on  February  2,  2017,  the  Grand  Master  will  be  making  a  visitation  to  his  mother  lodge,  Mt.  Vernon.  All  brethren  are  welcomed to attend. Have a safe month and I look forward to seeing you in lodge soon.


William DeLuca                                                                                                                                     
Worshipful Master