Masters Message May 2016

Greetings Brothers!

I hope that spring has been good to you thus far, and that you are all in good health. It is nice to see so many brothers of St. Johns #1 Providence and guests in attendance for our communications. I am very proud of the turn out that we have had at our meetings and the warmth and welcome that we have given to our guest speakers and attendees.

In April, we had a fantastic regular communication. We welcomed R∴W∴DDGM Kenneth F. Poyton for his last visit to the districts. He was accompanied by a very large suite of officers and brothers from the Metro district and greeted on the level. He was given the gavel of St. Johns #1P. We were then joined by M∴W∴GM Raymond E. Hassell accompanied by an equally large suite of officers and brothers from outside the district. The gavel was offered, and returned, and we commenced with the work of the evening.

R∴W∴ Poyton presented three 50 year medals to Brothers Robert Englehardt, Frank Allen and Harold Nonnenmacher. It was wonderful to have so many 50 year recipients who could attend the DDGM visitation this year!

We proceeded into our program which was presented by Janet Wolter and Alan Butler who spoke on their research and book, America: Nation of the Goddess. Then Scott Wolter spoke giving us a tease on what he would be presenting at Masonic Con the following Saturday. What an extraordinary communication. I cannot remember the last time I saw the room as full, with estimates of attendance between 175 and 200 people. What a splendid sendoff for our District Deputy! It was truly a memorable evening. I want to extend my personal gratitude for all those who helped make it happen, and congratulations and good fortune to our District Deputy.

At our May Communication on the 18th we have a special treat for you. Mr. Robert Allen Greene III, owner and Head Mead Maker of the Greenwich Cove Meadery ( will be coming to educate us about mead, “the Nectar of the Gods”. He will present a tasting, and have some of his product for sale. Mr. Greene is an entertaining speaker and very passionate about his craft and how one of the most ancient beverages in the world has traveled the ripples of time through history into our era. I have tasted many varieties of his mead, and they areextraordinary, bold, startling, and without question, exceptionally good. Even if you do not participate in the sampling, I highly encourage you to attend and learn about this drink and the ancient craftsmanship which goes into its production. Also, feel free to bring your ladies, personal guests or a friend who is interested in St. Johns #1Providence.

For our May communication we will be opening at 6:00 PM and closing before dinner. We will have dinner and then Mr. Greene will present in the dining room. Please be sure to make your reservations for dinner if you plan on dining with us.

Brothers, Euclid is almost here! On Saturday, May 14th 2016, St.- Johns #1P is happy to have Euclid Lodge #136 from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ come back to visit us. This year we will meet them at Fort Adams between 11AM and 11:30AM for lunch and comradery, followed by a presentation by Brother Matthew “Doc” Perry, who will give a tour, history, and the masonic connections to Fort Adams. We will then migrate to the Newport Tower for a presentation about the tower by R∴W∴ Rick Lynch, and then finally to St. Paul’s #14 in Middletown, RI, who has graciously allowed us to hold a special communication there along with dinner. Dress for Fort Adams and the Tower is appropriately comfortable/casual (watch the weather, too), and for our communication at St. Paul’s, tuxes for officers, jacket and tie for brethren (just like a regular communication). The cost for this huge event is $25 per brother, and includes lunch and dinner. If you haven’t sent me the form and a check yet, please do it soon. Either send it by mail or hand it to me in person. We hope that many brothers will be able to join us for our annual fraternal meeting with Euclid Lodge #136.

My recommendation is for brothers to carpool to St. Paul’s, or to meet at St. Paul’s and carpool to Fort Adams from there. I will have Brother Secretary send an email with specifics the week before this event.

Please remember to visit, call, and support and keep in your prayers our sick and distressed brothers. Also remember to make your dinner reservation. It is hard to plan correctly without an accurate count. Finally, remember that the RI Grand Lodge Annual is on Monday, May 23rd.

I hope to see you in Newport on May 14th, and at our regular communication on May 18th.

Yours in the Craft,

Timothy L. Culhane
Worshipful Master