Masters Message April 2016

Hello my Brothers!

April is here! Hopefully we will see no more snow for the season, but don’t count it out yet! Anyone remember the April Fool’s- Day storm of 1997? How about April of 1982, 1987, 1992, and 2003? Don’t forget my favorite, May 9, 1977. We received anywhere from 6-10 inches that day, depending on where you were! And yes, if you are asking, I remember all of these storms. According to the trend, it is looking good for us this year because it seems that it only happens in years ending in 2 or 7. Brother Senior Warden, be prepared for next year!

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, hope and growth. Just as the leaves and flowers emerge, so do we. And as we shake off the winter sleepiness and self-imposed hibernation, we can look back on a good winter and forward to all we have to do in April and May.

First and foremost, if you know of any prospective candidates who have asked, please encourage them to submit an application ASAP. Remember that from the communication during which the application is read to the communication when balloting occurs is, at its shortest, 2 months. Therefore, we need to get prospective candidate applications in as soon as you can. Brothers, encourage those who have expressed interest, but remember “to be one, ask one.”

March was a busy month for St. Johns #1P. During our regular communication we were honored and blessed to have a team of 10 Past Grand Master’s confer the 1st section of the Master Mason degree on our 11 candidates, plus a candidate from St. Paul’s #14. I would like to extend my gratitude to all who participated in this rare event. It was certainly a night to remember. On the following Saturday we continued with the second and third sections, and raised 11 new Master Masons at St. Johns #1P and our guest candidate from St. Paul’s. Congratulations to all.

During our regular communication on April 20, 2016, St. Johns is proud to host R.W. DDGM Ken Poyton’s for his last visit to the Metro District. We will be opening at 5:30PM. We will be presenting 50 year medals to several brothers, so please make an effort to attend and honor them.

For this auspicious occasion we are pleased to present Janet Wolter and Alan Butler, authors of America: Nation of the Goddess, and Brother Scott Wolter, author and television personality. From the site

“Alan Butler is a writer and researcher from the North of England. In a professional career spanning thirty years Alan has been responsible for over twenty books, many of which deal with the subject of prehistory and which delve into the mysteries that pepper the past of humanity and which most historians refuse to even contemplate. He has… sought to tease out from the historical background the aims and achievements of a very specific group of people who, though deliberately anonymous,s have contributed heavily to the creation of the world in which we all live.

Janet Wolter… the wife of Scott Wolter… has been one of Scott’s chief researchers and has made herself something of an expert when it comes to certain aspects of United States and European history. Janet has a keen eye and is inclined to notice things others don’t and it was on account of this proclivity that she and Alan got together and soon found themselves involved in a great adventure that resulted in our book.”

Scott Wolter is a forensic geologist and an accomplished author and researcher, the author of The Hooked X and the host of H2s “America Unearthed”. Rhode Island freemasonry has been blessed to have Scott visit us in the past, and we are very pleased to see him with us again.

As is always the case, please call in if you plan on dining with us for our regular communication, and if you have any special dietary needs, please let us know.

Also, mark your calendar for April 23rd 2016. This is the date of MA/RI Masonic Con, running from 9AM until 5PM at Ezekiel Bates Lodge located at 71 North Main Street, Attleboro, MA. Please go to for more details.

On Saturday, May 14th 2016, St. Johns #1P is happy to have Euclid Lodge #136 from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ come back to visit us. This year we will meet them at Fort Adams for lunch, followed by Brother Matthew “Doc” Perry, who will give a tour, history, and the masonic connections at Fort Adams. We will then migrate to the Newport Tower for a presentation about the tower by RW Rick Lynch, and then finally to St. Paul’s #14 in Middletown, RI, who has graciously allowed us to hold a special communication there along with dinner. The cost for this huge event is $25 per brother, and includes lunch and dinner. We hope that many brothers will be able to join us for our annual fraternal meeting with Euclid Lodge #136. I am told that there may be quite a few members of NJ Grand Lodge attending as well, so let’s give them a warm and well attended welcome. Please see the enclosed sign-up sheet elsewhere in the trestleboard. I hope to see you in lodge, at Masonic Con and during Euclid’s


Timothy L. Culhane
Worshipful Master