Masters Message November 2017

Greetings My Brothers!

I’d  like  to  thank  you  for  coming  out  in  such  great numbers to share the Entered Apprentice degree  with  our  new  candidates.    It  provides  candidates with such a strong first impression of  our  Craft  and  Lodge  to  see  so  many  of  the Brethren at their initiation.  Your officers worked hard to perform the degree with care and accuracy, and the fruit of their hard labors was clear!

The  annual  10K  By  the  Bay  was  held  on  October    14th,  to  benefit  the Children’s Dyslexia  Center  of  RI.    Looking  around  along  the  course,  as  I  headed  to  volunteer  with the member s of Gaspee DeMolay, I was greeted with a familiar St. Johns 1P face at every turn along the way.  The event requires a great many volunteers and the Brethren of St. Johns 1P stepped up in a big way.  I commend you and truly love the spirit of volunteerism which is so alive in our Lodge!!

November  is  an  important  month  for  Freemasonry  in  Rhode  Island.    The  Grand  Lodge  Semi-Annual  meeting  will  be  held  on  November  18th  at  1PM.    For  those  who  have  not  attended  a  Grand  Lodge  Semi-Annual,  it  is  a  great  chance  to  gain  insight  into the workings of Freemasonry at a state level.  At the meeting, your Grand Council is elected, a budget is passed, and other issues of the day are discussed.  While only Past Masters, Masters, and Wardens are able to vote at the meeting, it is open to all Master Masons  in  good  standing.    Suit  and  tie  is  the  dress  code  and  a  12:30 PM arrival is recommended if you would like to attend.  

With  the  Thanksgiving  holiday  drawing  near,  November  is  the  perfect time to remember those in need and be thankful for what we have in this world.  We are blessed with so many gifts in life.  I  hope  that  each  of  us,  in  our  own  way,  will  continue  to  share those  gifts  with  those  in  need.    Several  of  our  loving  Brothers  have  been  battling  prostate  cancer  recently.    At  least  1  in  7  men  are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.  Please please please  don’t  forget  to  see  your  doctor  regularly  and  have  those PSA tests done.  Your health is truly the greatest and most precious gift in this world!

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my Brothers and their families. As always, I look forward to seeing you all on the level.

With love and fraternity,

Edward  D.  Bertrand                                                                                                                                      
Worshipful Master